On Shakespeare and Quantum Physics

"All the world's a stage," Shakespeare wrote: actors, strutting and fretting, and audiences projecting worlds into the theatre. But how much deeper it runs! The "actors" are perhaps the fundamental energies of the world: quarks, electrons, the very fabric of space and time. They "play," moving about in random ways, taking on "roles" when we … Continue reading On Shakespeare and Quantum Physics

The Fall

They wanted to fly, Daedalus and his son: like birds, like gods. And so they fashioned wings of wax and escaped across the sea. But Icarus flew too high, son-melted. The story is supposed to be about hubris, but we didn’t learn. Instead we took revenge, fashioned new toys, not from wax but oil, not … Continue reading The Fall


A scar on the skin Of our ground Splits, opens like an eye That has been crusted shut By salt and old tears fall Like rain filling the new valley With molten grief at the heart of things Makes the plates shift and shatter Like memories into mosaics On the floor of the cathedral Over … Continue reading Scar