The Uncertainty Principle

Inhabiting a state
Where all may be true,
I live in the fullness of experience.

Then, I believe —

And my world shrinks.
           Experience fades to remembrance
                        And I am left
                                  With a story                    only.

I forget the infinite thoughts in superposition,
Swirling clouds of virtual potential;
I have been pressed into a position
By the penetrating observer:       another            or my self?
Social gravity
Cultural magnetism
My chosen story
Have gripped me, and I have collapsed
into a single certain state.But I forget
That I was once a wave of possibility
And so were you;
And I imagine that I chose this life, this
Particular stance,
And so did you.

And we are now two points
Entangled in our opposition,
Always having been
Fundamentally different.

Because we have forgotten
That we did not choose ourselves
That our true nature is not logic but paradox
That beneath the appearance of solid
Matters of fact
You and I
Are a function of a wavering world.

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